Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers are a great way to improve the stance and look of your vehicle by bringing the wheels out from under the wheel arch to the line of the body work to give that flush look feel

The Best wheel Spacers are Hubcentric Wheel Spacers they are made hubcentric  by the Center bore being the correct size of the original vehicles center bore 

Another way they are made hubcentric is by the bolts being the correct size for the hub and the wheel insuring there is no wiggle room

Hubcentric wheel spacers can also be bought in different thickness so you can get that fit just right.

PCD Adapters 

PCD adapters are a way of fitting different manufactured or aftermarket wheels to your current vehicle

PCD Adapters also come in different thickness so you can use them on your vehicle like you would one of our hubcentric wheel spacers 

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